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“Harrington Training Group Launches As Premier Communication Training Company”

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Think eye communication versus eye contact. Extend your connection to one person at a time, for one or two sentences before engaging the next person.
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Harrington Training Group's Connected Communication programs are designed to help you become an all-around, better leader with an accessible, powerful presence. By combining video feedback with one-on-one coaching from professional communication experts, who provide instant feedback, our comprehensive training courses put you on target to succeed every time you speak.

Enroll in one course, or all six—you’ll benefit from all. Set up trainings in-house for your team or division. Be prepared for the results. Don't be surprised if you find yourself or others connecting to a bigger, better opportunity internally, making a bigger impact, and bolder statements as you progress.

Connected Communication Presentation Skills Workshop
Sponsored by The Metropolitan Senior Network
When the going gets tough - the tough give better presentations!

What You'll Learn:

  • How your body language makes or breaks your message
  • How to create clear, concise and connected content
  • How to handle both easy & tough questions
  • How to positively transform nervous energy

Wednesday, October 28, 2009
9:00 AM to 4:30 PM
Course Fee: $89
Lunch provided

Legacy Meridian Park
Health & Education Center
19300 SW 65th Ave.
Tualatin, Or 97062

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To enroll contact Krista Davis at kdavis@countryandsenior.net or 503.788.0896

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Connected Communication: Presentation Training
Two-Day Public Speaking and Presence Training
This course has forever changed how many people feel about speaking to a group. This highly interactive learning experience is designed for professionals who may either occasionally or regularly be called on to promote new ideas about their processes, products or services. Strengthen your confidence, establish your personal presence and re-energize your delivery in your meetings, presentations or conferences with focused content, crystal clear perspective, and concise points.

Learn to:

  • Use your hands to help shape your ideas
  • Use more space in the room to draw people into your message
  • Stop the deadly “ums” in their tracks
  • Use extended, connected eye communication to really reach people
  • Create focused, memorable content in just minutes
  • Get the most out of your visual aids
  • Handle the toughest questions with ease and grace

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Connected Communication: Advanced Connections
One-Day Public Speaking and Presence Training Refresher
Review and improve on the fundamental skills you acquired from your first two-day training, “Connected Communication Presentation Training.” Master the skills of clear communications, connecting with your listeners and commanding attention with your personal presence.

Learn to:

  • Take control with eye communication, posture, use of space, gestures and more
  • Enhance your "Personal Presence"
  • Boost your visual aids and room-layout techniques
  • Empower yourself with advanced PowerPoint tips
  • Punch up your content with stories and analogies

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Connected Communication:
Presenting Complex Information

One-Day Complex Information Training
The information may be complicated, but that doesn't mean your presentation has to be. Discover and implement the tips and techniques that will allow you to simplify the most complex information in ways that your audience will find manageable and easy to understand.

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Connected Communication:
Presenting to Upper Management

One-Day How To Present to Upper Management Training
Without breaking a sweat, deliver the good, the bad and the ugly of your company's current performance to your superiors with precision, conciseness and security. Communicate the positive aspects and focus on the information they're most interested in, all in a manner that they can quickly digest in their decision-making process.

Learn the languaging and phrasing of ideas that reaches upper management. Learn to think for a moment in their shoes in order to help you layout your content to best reach them. Learn what impact visual aids carry with this fast thinking management group. You’ll gain invaluable confidence in yourself before you present to upper management the next time.

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Connected Communication: Media Training
One-Day Press & Media Training
Leverage the power of the media to your advantage and effectively and positively promote your company’s message and image. You’ll gain the ability to handle interviews under pressure, project your brand with confidence, establish trust and believability, and handle tough issues with tact and poise.

Learn to:

  • Proactively handle interviews in an effective manner
  • Exude confidence, trust, and believability
  • Develop and maintain a consistent point-of-view
  • Determine what the media wants from you
  • Speak more directly to the reader/listener of the interview
  • Manage tough questions with tact and poise
  • Bulletproof your "sound bites"

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Connected Communication: Speeches
One-Day Speech Training
Here's a chance to have Michael Harrington come to your meeting as a guest speaker or a keynote. Your crowd is guaranteed to leave both better informed and entertained about the dangerous pitfalls and best practices of this sport known as "public speaking".

With relatable analogies and real-life experiences, Michael will explain the importance of using good communication skills and connecting with your audience. He'll provide tips and techniques and show you how to apply them in your personal life and professional career. You're guaranteed to take away a solid list of readily usable ideas about presenting that will energize your future presentations right away.

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