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“Harrington Training Group Launches As Premier Communication Training Company”

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Open presentations with a relevant story, question, quote, or analogy that connects to your point-of-view, captures your listener's attention and sparks their imagination.
Communicate. connect. Present.
Everyone has a unique quality—a distinct presence. When you express your ideas through your individuality and exude the confidence and characteristics of a powerful speaker, you break through and connect.

Group presentations turn into one-on-one conversations. And all that matters is the moment you connect with each audience member. What you say matters.

Engage audience
Fully investing in the moment, improvising and interacting with your audience leaves lasting positive impressions. People tend to remember the experience of how you made them feel much longer than they remember exactly what you had to say. Marrying your thoughts and ideas with proven communication methods that genuinely engage people goes a long way to establish your presence.

Whether you're a software development manager, an apparel executive or a rookie athlete, Harrington Training Group will highlight your strengths, draw out your unique qualities and help turn your impressive ideas into compelling connections.